Q-SSS-A Template Slide

The Q-SSS-A process is the most structured and equitable way to engage students in structured conversations using academic language. Even if you do not have a membership to The Visual Non-Glossary, you can still plan out an amazing Q-SSS-A for free!

Morphemes Posters

These posters have been used in numerous science classrooms to help students make predictions and build meanings of words. Display them permanently throughout the year and refer back to them as new words appear in the curriculum.

Relational Question Templates

Sometimes the relational question, or middle question, is not appropriate for the scope and sequence of your lesson, or you want to ask students to relate a vocabulary word to a different vocabulary word. When this is true, use the following question templates with two key vocabulary words. Simply fill in the blanks with vocabulary words, show students the corresponding visuals, and ask the question!

Symbols Anchor Chart

There are many symbols repeatedly used throughout The Visual Non-Glossary. While many students can infer the meaning of these symbols as they pertain to the visuals, it may be helpful to create an anchor chart specifying exactly what they mean. This downloadable anchor chart explains the most common symbols in the Science and Social Studies visuals.

Levels of Questioning Table

The questions and sentence stems in this resource are designed to progressively require students to think and discuss more deeply as they examine and re-examine the visuals. This table explains the different levels.

QSSSA Icons Chart

This is a printable chart that shows all of the icons on each of the QSSSA slides. Teachers can print this out and put it permanently on the wall, then use a magnet or stickable indicator to show which icon will be used in a particular structured conversation. Page two includes labels for each icon.