Purchase Access to the VNG

A license to The Visual Non-Glossary grants access to all of the visuals, questions, sentence stems, word walls, and lesson plans in any one content area for one calendar year. This includes:

  • Kindergarten*
  • 1st Grade*
  • 2nd Grade*
  • 3rd Grade*
  • 4th Grade*
  • 5th Grade*
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th Grade
  • 8th Grade
  • Biology (HS)
  • Chemistry (HS)
  • Physics (HS)
Social Studies
  • World Cultures (MS)*
  • Texas History*
  • US History (1450-1877)*
  • US History (1877-present)*
  • Kindergarten*
  • 1st Grade*
  • 2nd Grade*
  • 3rd Grade*
  • 4th Grade*
  • 5th Grade*
  • 6th Grade*
  • Algebra I*

*All content at these grade levels is available in English and Spanish.


Purchase for Individuals: $100/year

Access can be bought directly from the profile page.

If paying by purchase order, please send the purchase order along with this completed order form to Michelle Belanger. Once received, an email will be sent all individual users to activate their accounts. Please specify on the order form if you would like to purchase a Science, Social Studies, or Math license. Note: activation emails may arrive into the SPAM folder of your email.

Purchase a District-Wide Site License

District-wide site licenses are priced based on the total number of students in the district, according to the most recent public reports. A district-wide site license entitles any staff member of the district to access the content area of that license. For example, a Science site license grants any staff member of the district access to all of the Science content on The Visual Non-Glossary.

Note that for districts with more than 33,333 students, site-licenses are capped at a maximum of $50,000 (Science), $23,076.92* (Social Studies), and $38,461.54* (Math).

*These prices are subject to change as more grade levels are added.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want a teacher to have access to multiple grade levels?

A license grants teachers access to all grade levels within a subject area. So, a 6th-Grade Science teacher with a Science license can access 6th-Grade Science content, or Kindergarten or Physics content, or anything in between. To give a teacher access to multiple content areas (Science, Social Studies, and Math), multiple licenses must be purchased.

If a teacher gets access to multiple subject areas, will they have the same password?


Can I change my password?

Yes. You can do it directly on your account page.

Will I get immediate access to The Visual Non-Glossary after purchasing?

If you purchase electronically from your profile page, then yes. If you send in a purchase order, please allow up to 2 business days to be granted access. Once granted access, you'll receive an activation email (which may go to your SPAM folder).

Can I share my access with other teachers or colleagues?

In short, only if those other colleagues have a license themselves. In legalese: by purchasing this product, you agree to that (1) you may use this digital product for your own use as an educator with your students and (2) you may not republish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, display, or distribute to friends, colleagues, or any other third party. Any unauthorized use of the materials will constitute infringement of our rights.

What file format is the download in? Is it one bulk file or individual files?

The visuals for each word are in PNG format. A version of each visual that includes questions and sentence stems is also available in PNG format. The lesson plans, which include visuals, questions, sentence stems, and other content, are available as PowerPoint files (PPTX). The downloads are individual, however, all word wall visuals for a single grade level can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Do you have campus site licenses or district site licenses?

Yes! See the grey boxes at the top of this page.

Will additional words be added throughout the school year, or in subsequent years?

Yes! Also, visuals will be improved throughout the school year based on teacher feedback. So please submit any feedback directly on this website or by emailing Stephen with any feedback on visuals or requests for more visuals.

If I create an activity or product that uses visuals from The Visual Non-Glossary, can I sell the activity or product (on, for example, TeachersPayTeachers)?

Any visuals from The Visual Non-Glossary may not be distributed for any commercial reason. However, any developed activities or products may refer users to The Visual Non-Glossary’s website, http://www.thevisualnonglossary.com.

Do you offer any PD associated with this product?

Yes! The trainers at Seidlitz Education are renowned for delivering engaging, transformative professional development. They will walk teachers through how to use the product, including how to plan lessons using the product and how to structure conversations in the lessons, and how to modify the product for each teacher’s needs. This interactive, highly engaging PD is available in 60-minute or longer (even half- or full-day) sessions.

If a teacher leaves the district half-way through the school year, can I assign their access to a new teacher?

Yes. As long as that teacher’s access was purchased by the campus/district, then the district administrator can make the change from their profile page. Alternatively, the administrator can email Lindsey with the request and she will make the change. If the teacher individually purchased the access for themself, only they will be able to make changes to access.

Does access expire after a calendar year, or a school year?

Access expires exactly one calendar year after purchase.

Why does access expire? Why can’t I just access the visuals indefinitely?

Each year a new edition of The Visual Non-Glossary is uploaded to our servers, featuring new words, enhanced visuals, and other features in response to teacher feedback from the previous edition. So renewal of licenses grants you access to more, better content.

Why should I buy The Visual Non-Glossary? Why shouldn’t I just go to Google Images?

The Visual Non-Glossary features structured visuals, which are next to impossible to find on image search websites. That’s because The Visual Non-Glossary’s visuals are expertly designed to help students build meaning of words. Furthermore, the questions and sentence stems in The Visual Non-Glossary help students navigate the visuals while having structured conversations. And the lesson plans makes prepping high-quality, student-centered lessons super easy.

Is there any part of The Visual Non-Glossary that is free?

On this website you will find free sample visuals, discussion questions (with sentence stems), and lesson plans. You can also find free resources and instructional strategies. Lastly, the word lists and alignment of words to standards (TEKS and NGSS) can be found on this website for free, without logging in.

Is The Visual Non-Glossary the greatest thing since sliced bread?